Other School Issues

After School Activities
We have environmental, art and study skills clubs. Competitive sports are played against neighbouring schools. Teachers from the outside music schools teach various musical instruments.

Educational Visits
First hand experience in all areas is of great importance in developing more meaningful understanding and learning. Consequently we will seek opportunities both in groups and as class units to take part in educational visits at various stages of the year. These will be designed to launch, develop and enhance a project or theme.

ChargingĀ for school activities
There are occasions in school when parents are asked to contribute towards the cost of various activities, such as swimming, cooking, visits outside school or for groups visiting the school. All of the activities are planned as part of a wide range of curriculum work that the children experience while they are at school.

The Education Act 1988 has established that such contributions must be voluntary if the activity takes place within school hours. Although there is no legal obligation for parents to contribute it must be understood that such activities may be cancelled if the voluntary contributions do not cover most of the costs. Any shortfall in cost will be met by monies from the LM budget at the discretion of the headteacher and the final decision as to whether or not the activity continues on the basis of cost lies with the headteacher.

No child will be excluded from such an activity because of a parent’s inability to pay a voluntary contribution and the school takes into account family size when accepting contributions, which are less than the full cost required.

Parents will be advised in advance about the amount of the contribution for any particular activity which will be the actual cost of the activity including transport, entrance fees and resources required divided by the number of children taking part.

Some of the music tuition, which takes place at the school, is paid for by the parents direct to the tutor.

During their final year children may undertake the Kent Basic Cycling Training. Children may not cycle to school unless they have successfully completed the cycling training or are accompanied by a responsible adult cycling with them.

We strongly recommend wearing protective headgear when cycling.