Supporting your child at home

Here is a list of useful web sites which can help to support your child’s learning at home. There are lots of fun and interactive activities and games. In addition there are lot of excellent apps for Apple and Android platforms many of which are free.

If you have any questions about supporting your child then please speak to their teacher who will be glad to advise.

Maths. Science sand computing

CK-12 – free online maths and science resources.

Isle of Tune – create your own musical masterpieces

Khan Academy – learn about maths, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more.

My Learning – fun science experiments to try at home.

Science Museum – explore the home of human ingenuity online

General education

Advisory Centre for Education – independent advice for parents on education issues

BBC Schools – resources and study guides for primary and secondary education

Channel 4 Learning – online education resources, games and activities for primary and secondary schools

Department of Education – responsible for education and children’s services in England

Libraries – join the library to get free access to over 2 million books, eBooks, audiobooks and online resources. Library members can access our online reference library including homework resources.

Primary resources – lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for primary teachers

TES teaching resources – variety of worksheets, lesson plans and resources created by teachers

Woodlands resources –  Resources for learning about subjects across the curriculum, as well as games and information on special events and celebrations.