We would urge you to be honest and frank with us regarding any medical matters relating to your child. The school does not have access to your child’s medical records and so please inform your child’s teacher and myself of any medical condition or history which might in any way affect any aspect of their education.

Tests of sight hearing and dental check ups are carried out regularly by the School Nurse and Dentist – to which parents are not normally invited.

Please do not send your child to school if he or she is unwell at the start of the day or not fully recovered from an illness. School is not really the best place for a child who is unwell as we possess neither the facilities nor manpower to nurse children who are ill. If it is necessary to exclude a child from P.E. because of some injury please inform the Headteacher in writing.

Please do not send medicines to school. The staff cannot accept responsibility for administering drugs to children. If your child needs regular medication e.g. for asthma please consult the Headteacher.

A detailed policy on the administration of can be found in the link below.