On those occasions when your child is absent from school please notify us immediately and send a letter on your child’s return to school stating clearly the reason for absence. (The school is legally required to record the reason for all absences.)

Attendance percentage Summary for 2006/2007 as follows:
Possible Attendance : 26112
Authorised absences : 1343
Attendance : 94.9%
Unauthorised absences : 0
Should your child need to attend a medical/dental appointment in school time necessitating them to leave the premises they must be collected from school by a parent or nominated adult who is known to them. In the interests of their safety and well-being children will not be allowed to leave the school site unaccompanied.

Holidays are not a statutory right, but, in exceptional circumstances, the governors will authorize parents to take their children out for holidays for up to 10 days. The government is anxious that such absences should be kept to an absolute minimum, and parents wishing to take their children for holidays in term time need to make an appointment to see the headteacher (and, if desired, a governor) in order to discuss this.