Family Liaison Officer

We are proud to have a full time Family Liaison Officer (FLO) / Inclusion manager;  Mrs D. Lawrence.

Parental influences have a powerful effect upon children’s attitudes, achievements and life outcomes. The role of the FLO is to assist achievement by working in partnership with families, parents, carers and pupils in a school context to enable pupils, particularly the most disadvantaged, to have full access to educational opportunities and overcome barriers to learning and participation.

The FLO works directly with parents in a non-judgmental way empowering them and their families to get the most out of the educational opportunities available. She is able to draw upon a number of services and organise a range of services to assist the pupil and family.

Mrs Lawrence is a highly experienced, professional, caring an approachable member of the school community and we would urge you to speak to her if you have any worries or concerns.