Sports Funding

Sports funding 2017/18

In 2017/18, our school has received £13,095 PE Premium funding. The school also has some funding which was unallocated in the previous year, therefore the funding available to sport this year totals £15,134.

The school has recently undertaken a full inventory of its PE and sports equipment and identified areas where additional resources were needed. As a result, we have highlighted some key areas in which to focus spending of the 2017/18, allocating £10,000 to the purchase of PE and sports equipment. We believe that we have reached a balance between investment in new equipment, sustaining high quality PE teaching and introducing extra capacity for delivering curriculum based and extracurricular sports activities.

  1. We have decided to invest in a range of gymnastic equipment to increase the variety of resources available to pupils.
  2. We have invested in resources for football, rugby, netball, dodgeball, tennis and resources for athletics.
  3. We will continue to employ the energy and expertise of our sports partner Team Theme. They continue to provide consistent and talented teaching throughout the classes. This costs our school £5,500 across the financial year.
  4. We have introduced lunchtime sports clubs including a weekly football club.
  5. With the shortfall in expenditure the school intends to explore employing an additional coach through the apprenticeship scheme. The intentions would be to run additional PE sessions, afterschool clubs and support some SEN children with sensory circuits.