Nonington is a church school, and, as such, our motivation is based in the Christian values of Faith, Hope and Love. 

  • Faith in the power of education to nurture our human, God-given, potential.
  • Hope that we can have a positive impact of the lives of those around us; that we can achieve our goals and learn from our mistakes.
  • Love for all people, whoever they are and whatever their needs; sharing and caring for everyone.

The Governing Body has the following key priorities:

    1. To take advantage of the flexible nature of a small school and ensure that children benefit from personalised learning programmes that result in all pupils making excellent progress relative to their starting point.
    2. To develop the Christian nature of the school in a way that is appropriate to its Church of England foundation and sensitive to the concerns of parents and the local community. This will include understanding and appreciating the cultures of other countries and beliefs and warmly welcoming families and pupils of all nationalities, races and creeds to the school.
    3. To provide a vibrant, challenging and enjoyable curriculum that gives children a wide range of stimulating learning experiences both within the classrooms and within “real” situations in different environments.
    4. To develop “Extended Schools” provision in close consultation with parents and the local community so that a wider range of children’s needs can be met outside the conventional school hours.
    5. To work closely with local individuals and organisations in order to find ways and means of sharing local facilities, expertise and resources in the best interests of the whole community.
    6. To work closely with the local education authority, the church diocese, the landlord and possible sponsors to agree an outline plan for a school building that will be fully “fit for purpose” in the 21st Century.